About the Powder Room

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  • Do You:

    have to leave a meeting often to go to the bathroom, devastated that you've drawn attention to yourself?

  • Do You:

    love to travel and socialize but are hesitant and anxious about not being able to find a washroom when you feel the urge to go?

  • Do You:

    always choose an aisle seat at the theatre or panic when you see a long line up for the bathroom?

If any of this sounds too familiar, the Powder Room is for you!

The Powder Room is a unique online community where you can ask questions, voice concerns and share stories about your experiences with overactive bladder (OAB) — a common medical condition that causes the sudden and sometimes uncomfortable need to urinate.

You might be surprised to know that 12 — 18 per cent of Canadians suffer from an overactive bladder (OAB). If you suffer from an overactive bladder, you are certainly not alone.

When you visit the Powder Room online or use its many resources, you will find information on the condition, treatment options and lifestyle management techniques.

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Why join the Powder Room community?

  • The Powder Room is a non-commercial, educational program that is focused on the individual suffering from overactive bladder (OAB).

  • The Powder Room has been developed in collaboration with Canadian healthcare professionals who have and will continue to review the treatment options, medical information and lifestyle management techniques presented by The Powder Room so that you can be confident in the quality of the information.

  • The Powder Room offers practical and easy-to-understand tools that will empower you to take control of this condition and to better understand, manage and treat your OAB. Improving the individual's quality of life is a key goal of the Powder Room.

  • The Powder Room will help link you to information and services, healthcare professionals, community-based organizations and other valuable resources.

    The Powder Room door is always open — stay as long as you like and come back as often as you can! You don't want to miss out on what is going on inside the Powder Room...

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